Monday, April 28, 2008

2008-04-28 Yikes! Hotter in Whittier than Death (Valley)!

It was, just a bit ago, actually hotter in Whittier (91˚F/33˚C) than it was in Death Valley (87˚F/31˚C).

Of course, that didn't last long (it's now 88˚F/31˚C in Whittier, and 90˚F/32˚C in Death Valley), but for a bit, it was fun to brag about. ^_^


Death Valley:

It was so hot yesterday that I was worried that Tafyrn would completely melt, so we made sure we had plenty of cold water, and to stay in the shade as much as we could. He also got to try some of the orange-juice popsicles we had up in the freezer. You just make—or buy—some orange juice (whatever claws the furniture), pour some of it into popsicle trays, put these into the freezer for a bit and WOW—tasty popsicles! It works with home-made lemonade as well.

When he left for Vancouver this morning at 04:00, the temperature outside, here, was 71˚F/21˚C!

Anyway, we will continue to melt now...

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